Computer-Navigated Hip Replacement

Intellijoint HIP®
Intellijoint HIP®
The integration of new technology into total hip replacement can enhance the surgical procedures and improve outcomes. In computer-navigated hip replacement, special pre-operative x-rays are obtained to plan the surgery in advance. Subsequently, during the hip replacement, the surgeon employs a computer-navigation system to facilitate precise execution of the surgical plan. This technology aids in optimizing the placement of hip implants and ensures alignment according to the pre-determined plan. This advanced technique aims to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of hip replacement surgeries.

Intellijoint HIP® for Computer Navigated Hip Replacement


As a navigation system, Intellijoint HIP® helps lower the overall rate of complication and increase accuracy in hip replacement surgeries. It allows the surgeon to achieve the most efficient and successful outcome the patient.

  • Suitable for primary and revision total hip arthroplasty
  • Compatible with any surgical approach
  • Allows for efficient surgery
  • Can be used with any implant


Computer-assisted navigation optimizes implant positioning. It is shown to reduce surgical outliers and lower the rates of complications, hospital readmission, revision and re-revision surgery.

Accuracy Data

*compared to 3D imaging in a clinical study

** compared to radiographic measurements in a clinical study

*** compared to 3D scans in a cadaver model

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