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John J. Mercuri, MD
John J. Mercuri, MD
John J. Mercuri, MD
John J. Mercuri, MD
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“I use computer navigation, augmented reality, and robotics to improve arthritis treatment.“

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“I believe in teaching the next generation of surgeons.”

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“I am fortunate to operate in the hospital where I was born.”

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“I write about the importance of medical ethics in orthopaedic surgery.”

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Conditions and Treatments

Learn more about knee and hip conditions,
as well as some of the key treatment options.

Scranton Orthopaedic Surgeon John Mercuri

John J. Mercuri, MD

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Mercuri has dedicated his practice to Northeastern Pennsylvania where he was raised. He has earned recognition both nationally and internationally for his expertise in personalized joint replacement and the use of advanced surgical technologies. Dr. Mercuri provides these cutting-edge treatments to each patient, employing kinematic alignment for knee replacements and ensuring customized implant positioning for hip replacements.

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